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The dark haired man didn’t break his gaze from her. She was rather… confident that was to be sure and he still felt his instincts screaming at him. Whether it was for her or something else he couldn’t be sure though. Still he let her talk and ask her questions as he slowly tried to figure out what his options were. At least, his most obvious option right now would be to introduce himself. “I’m Angeal Hewley, a SOLDIER 1st Class from what I’ll guess is a different world. I’m a traveler of sorts and the traveling takes a toll and well, there didn’t seem to be too much in this forest that would be a threat to me so I figured I’d try to recover.” A partial truth at best, he’d recovered already, from the almost instant sleep the materia pushed him into whenever he used it. “A wish you say. Any limitations?” He decided for some reason that he really wanted to stall this out.

Hana appeared to be pondering it for a few minutes. She paced a few steps to the left, then turned around and paced a few steps back. “Technically yes… But they are just dumb rules, I never take them seriously. They are the normal and boring stuff, like… Can’t wish for more wishes, can’t wish to make me your slave, stuff like that… You can take them seriously and abide by them, but I don’t care. All things considered, break them, it would actually make my life more interesting…” She sighed, folding her arms. “No really, you can actually ask for those. I won’t even be mad.”

Angeal pondered the idea of a wish. He wasn’t even sure what he would even want. Given the option of anything he couldn’t seem to pick any one thing. “Is it all right if I hold onto the wish for now?” He asked this spirit curiously. Though he wasn’t entirely sure how she could grant wishes for someone not of the world let alone someone at all. Magic he supposed but he had no idea how it worked, he could hardly handle the materia that was responsible for even bringing him here. Yet he still couldn’t think of a wish to use. Let alone what to do now that the situation has diffused a bit.

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Angeal’s spine shivered as her finger gingerly traced the large claw marks that raked his back. The behemoth had caught him off guard, coming to the protection of the smaller one that he had been fighting. He sighed as her fingers lifted for a soft second. “I never thought they would fight to protect each other. Maybe they aren’t as monstrous as we all thought?”

Angeal only shook his head. “I appreciate the offer but I think the scars are a good reminder.” It wasn’t his only scar and each were an important lesson for the SOLDIER. He had to be more careful though, he really risked himself sometimes.

She smiled a little and slid to sit beside him. Her hand slipped from his back to her lap so as to lace it’s fingers with its twin. Niabi had tried to develop this habit. Usually, she’d begin to fiddle with her braid until she broke the band or messed up the braid itself. She couldn’t help it.

"It’s a vital lesson," she said. "Especially with what we have coming up."

Niabi shuddered. She had been more or less forced into their next mission. There had been reports of giant arachnids taking over abandoned homes in a nearby town. It had become hazardous for the neighbors. She wanted (and had to) help, but the thought of the six legged creatures had her on edge.

Angeal smiled slightly. “It’ll be a hard mission but I’m sure we can pull through.” Though he had never really heard of these large ant like creatures. Still they were out there causing problems for the people and they had to take care of them no matter what they were or how terrifying they could be. Angeal hoped that the two of them would be enough however. He believed that he was okay enough for the mission but didn’t want to push her into something she would be uncomfortable with.






"How did you get in here?!" He wasn’t exactly angry about the situation just scared confused and very embarrassed. He looked down and away, a blush forcing itself out on his face.

Lenne looked up at Angeal in shock, then she hurried over to grab a towel to cover herself. “I didn’t realize you were in here. Sorry about that!” She blushed, and scurried out the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Angeal cursed himself under his breath. That was certainly not the best way to react but he was still rather.. embarrassed by it all. Still he would have to try and make it up to. He finished the shower as quickly as he could  and then wrapped himself securely in his towel before walking out to greet her. “I’m sorry I snapped, I was just surprised more than anything.”

She hurriedly slipped into her dress, and then made her way over to the sofa. Seeing Angeal nude had been beyond embarrassing, and worse, still Lenne was naked too. She was still trying to calm down, even when said man was finished showering. “I’m sorry for that. I.. wasn’t aware you were in there and I should have been paying attention.”

The dark haired man sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. “It’s all right, more than anything I was just embarrassed.” He had forgotten that he had a guest and for someone like Angeal that was rather… disappointing, at least for himself. She had been more than ready to get in the shower herself, but now he has no idea.


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"Good evening to you too." He said, turning to follow her.

image ”Something on your mind?” She asked looking at his expression on his face trying not to laugh or giggle in the slightest. 

"A couple things yeah." He said with an exasperated sigh as he laid back. Not really sure what to say but she seemed to be enjoying this silly back and forth.

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Character in general: Legit, Zack is my man. I probably would have rped him if the group I joined when I first started didn’t already have a Zack rper in it. So instead I picked Angeal and well, thats that.
How they play them: Just about what you want in a Zack making sure to really care for the character and everything he is.
The Mun: So fun to talk with even if the hours are certainly strange. It helps that I stay up late but they mean really well and are one of my best friends on this website.

Do I:

RP with them: Eyup
Want to RP with them: Even more as the threads go on

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Overall Opinion: Awesome rper that everyone should get to know. They are great and love what it is they do =)