"There’s always time to make up practice. It’s up to you if you want to try and make i thought whatever  I have set up for you. Angeal had to admit, the idea of this track brought a chuckle to this otherwise stoic demeanor.

"What do you have set up for me then? " Zack asked, stretching his arms above his head, "I’m guessing I’ll need to warm up for whatever you have planned. Then he watched the elder chuckle and he smirked, "…what’s that for?"

"Think the bombing mission scenario with a little extra flair." He said moving his arms around for dramatic effect like his friend the poet often did. Perhaps a dragon would be fun to throw Zack against, or even some high elevation combat. "I’ll have to think about it, get back to me tomorrow." he said hiding the smallest of smiles on his face.



Angeal grinned a little, this man certainly had a sense of humor, that was for sure. Though Angeal wasn’t always… good with such things. Perhaps in time he would get used to it. No doubt Zack would be able to handle the man better, but Zack wasn’t the one traveling now was he? Still he supposed that he should try and answer the question for the man. “A month or two, however long it takes for what let me come here to.. recharge so to speak.” It would all depend on how well this planet was tied to its own energy after all, since the materia would need to recharge.

Man this guy was a ball of energy, wasn’t he? Meaning of course, that he was actually really boring; especially for someone that realm hops and carries a giant sword. “Recharge? So what, you’re on vacation? This is a weird place to come for a vacation. Not Earth, Earth is great. My tower? More of a tourist site outside than in.”

Angeal sighed. Somehow he wasn’t getting his words across to the other man, something that happened more often than not. “I don’t have to recharge. And if I wanted to go on a vacation I certainly wouldn’t want to leave my world to do so. There are enough beaches that on mine.” He pulled out the small grey orb that was in his pocket, the key to his travel. “This would need to recharge.” Granted that wasn’t a terribly great explanation either, but then again, he had no idea how the man would react to being told that this was a small orb of crystallized energy that took it’s power from the planet. Not the most believable thing exactly.


Lightning nodded,
"Yes. Many people chose to live on Cocoon— the fallen Cocoon, that is— and stay dependent on the remaining Fal’cie that still exist there. They simply weren’t used to the terrain," Every time those Fal’cie idiots were mentioned, she had to roll her eyes. How can one be so dependent on a higher being for every need?

"But, most of us had adapted very quickly, like sister and myself." The rosette always took pride in teaching her younger sister to fight, especially when using her old tricks from the Guardian Corps that were always fresh in her mind.

"Adaptation is good, though I can understand why many could be slow to do so." After all, monsters were a very real threat to the people. That’s why there were people like Angeal who could fight them, make the world safe for those that follow. If however there was the choice to remain a sheep in the herd, then there would always be those that would take that choice. After all, their lives had to have been some sort of comfortable up until that point for them to be willing to keep it all, even as sheep. "But those that can learn how to fight, they can carve out a place in this world can’t they?" he said with a confident smile.

A monster’s objective is usually world domination or revenge.

Angeal Hewley (Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-)

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hey guys?!


"Yes Zack?"

"Oh Angeal….we…I…" Zack scratched his head, "I’m sorry I missed practice the other day, can I make it up?"

"There’s always time to make up practice. It’s up to you if you want to try and make i thought whatever  I have set up for you. Angeal had to admit, the idea of this track brought a chuckle to this otherwise stoic demeanor.





"First I’m blind, now I have to say everything that comes to mind? This will be a fun few days indeed."

The dark haired man smiled, though there was just a little bit of his pride that was hurting. Perhaps in time he would get used to it all but for now he took the young woman’s hand in his own to help move around the space. “Thank you,” he said. It was strange how so much relied on touch and sound now, so much more than before.

"Its no problem, Angeal." She laughed lightly shaking her head at him. She could hear the slightest hesitance in his voice causing her to gently squeeze his hand a bit. "It’ll be over soon and then you’ll be right as rain."

"I definitely hope so." He said grumpily though he was quickly realizing that accepting her help was certainly a good way to get around the building. However longer this would last he was not sure, but there was something that did really show true right now. "Thank you Marlene, I really appreciate everything you’ve done to help me." he said, words coming from shocked mouth before he could stop gap them.

A Soldier and His Sword | white-winged-warrior



Angeal looked over to the sword, smiling softly and trying to withhold a chuckle. “Yes, love sounds about right. Just like mom used to make back on the farm.” His smile waned a little, the words falling out of his mouth before he could think. Something was wrong with them, something felt wrong with the term mom. He shrugged a little, trying to shake the feeling in his gut. He would have to investigate some more, but at the same time he was worried what it might mean. “Genesis has gone missing.” he said bluntly as he spooned some more of the soup. No doubt he would need to go after the poet. Angeal was after all the only that seemed to be able to get through his thick skull. Was he somehow related in Angeal’s uncertainty however? What would he find when he went looking for his friend was a question that hung heavily in the air for the dark haired man. When would he tell Buster just what worried him?

Buster stopped suddenly at his Master’s words, his spoon half way to his mouth and one of his fresh baked rolls still sitting half way in his soup from where he was dipping it.

“Genesis and Rapier are gone?” He asked to make sure he heard right, looking up at Angeal as he spoke. His steel gray eyes reflected his worry over their loss friends. After a moment, the blond blade took a slow bite of his soup soaked roll, pondering over the latest news. This was probably one of the reasons his Master had been so uneasy lately. “I assume we are going after them, yes?”

He asked as the internal gears of his mind d continued to work. “It doesn’t seem like them to simply run off without a word. Genesis is probably in big trouble for doing so…I hope they both have a good reason….”

"Whenever Lazard gives me the go ahead yes." Angeal said, crossing his arms. There would be more to it, so much more, so much that would be potentially sacrificed. "We’ll go after them, but I don’t know if we’ll be the same when we get back." He had deserted the army, taken all of his squad with him. Angeal couldn’t go after his friend as long as he bore the name SOLDIER across his chest. He would have to defect to chase after his friend. Throw away everything in the hopes of saving something, someone more important to him than SOLDIER. It made him uneasy to be even thinking such things, how could he even tell Zack or Sephiroth, what could he tell them. Genesis had gone rogue, they all knew that now at least. Word was spreading quickly across the 1st Classes. It wouldn’t be too long before the news had spread to all the lower classes as well, and what would happen then, he had no idea.